The Purdue Fort Wayne events calendar is for university-hosted events of general interest to the university populations: students, staff, faculty, parents, community, etc.

Submission Guidelines

  • The events calendar is not to be used for announcements. Only posting for the actual event itself will be approved.
  • Regular class meetings, course offerings, and office hours are not considered events and as such will not be listed on the calendar. The exception is Continuing Studies nonacademic credit classes.
  • Nonacademic courses through Continuing Studies, CEUs, webinars, and other similar events are permitted to appear on the Purdue Fort Wayne events calendar.

Event Sponsors/Submitters

  • Purdue Fort Wayne faculty and staff may submit event information for posting. Submitters must use their official university user name and password when submitting an event.
  • Events must be sponsored by an officially recognized campus department, school, program, organization, or recognized student group. The sponsoring organization or department must know about and approve of posting the event on the Purdue Fort Wayne events calendar.
  • Off-campus events are generally considered acceptable for inclusion in the calendar if they are sponsored by a university department, organization, or faculty member, and are consistent with the university’s mission.
  • Student groups are considered recognized if they have completed the official recognition process and appear on the Student Organization list through the Student Life and Leadership office. Student groups that do not appear on the Student Organization list cannot sponsor events on the Purdue Fort Wayne events calendar.
  • Events hosted on the Purdue Fort Wayne campus by external groups may be submitted to the Purdue Fort Wayne events calendar through the Special Events office.

Posting Events

  • There is no charge for posting an event.
  • An event posting must include all pertinent information, including event title, date, time, location, contact person, admission fee, etc.
  • Users may not submit or publish any obscene, vulgar, rude, abusive, threatening, or harassing messages.
  • All posted events are expected to be conducted in accordance with university policies and state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Individual event submitters are responsible for ensuring appropriate permissions, copyright, and media waivers are obtained PRIOR to posting an event.
  • Event sponsors are responsible for reserving facility space through the appropriate department prior to listing an event on the Purdue Fort Wayne events calendar. Posting an event on the events calendar does not reserve the event space.

Event Update Policy

  • If an event is canceled, postponed, or changed, it should not be removed from the events calendar; instead, it should be updated accordingly.
  • Events that are canceled, postponed, or changed will be indicated as such on event calendars by the calendar administrator. Send an email to nancy.bremer@pfw.edu
  • In the event of a campus closing, such as a snow emergency, an announcement will appear throughout the events calendar.

Rights of Purdue Fort Wayne

  • Featured events are selected at the discretion of the calendar administrator. Featured events are chosen based on the degree of mass appeal to all calendar audiences, and where possible will reflect an equal emphasis and representation among all calendar categories. Featured events are updated on a regular basis at the discretion of the calendar administrator. For an event to be featured, it must have complete information, including a banner image designed to meet system specifications and content standards. The following priorities will be used in determining featured events content:
    • Events of university-wide interest such as registration dates, New Student Orientation, the BIG Event, Omnibus Lectures, etc.
    • Events sponsored by Purdue Fort Wayne organizations, including student organizations.
    • Regular meetings of clubs and organizations that are open to the entire campus.
  • Purdue Fort Wayne reserves the right to decline an event submission as it sees fit.
  • Purdue Fort Wayne reserves the right to edit event information for reasons such as length, spelling, language, and clarity.
  • The Purdue Fort Wayne campus calendar implementation committee reserves the right to change this policy without notice. Actions by federal and state governments, the boards of trustees, administration, and faculty of the universities may produce such changes.
  • The Purdue Fort Wayne Campus Calendar implementation committee will review this policy at least one time annually. Members of the committee will be recommended by the chair of the committee and appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

Additional Information

  • For additional Purdue Fort Wayne events calendar questions contact the calendar administrator at nancy.bremer@pfw.edu.
  • The event host is responsible to ensure the accuracy of the information provided for each event. The calendar administrator is not responsible for incorrect information.